Who is Lviv Ecotour?

I’m Slav Tsarynnyk, creator of Lviv Ecotour. I drive, guide and interpret for visitors in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. My specialties lie in helping people research their ancestry, tour guiding for tourists in English in Western Ukraine. Also assisting people as an English speaking driver with own car.

Why choose Lviv Ecotour?

I speak English, Ukrainian and Polish, and appreciate my rich Ukrainian, Jewish and Polish heritage and history.

I can help you to Research your Ancestry in Ukraine.

I can assist if you need an English interpreter, Translator and Tour Guide in Ukraine and Poland.

I provide a Private Car with English Speaking Driver for trips and transfers in Ukraine and Eastern Europe.

Slav of Lviv Ecotour tour Mayor
Slav of Lviv Ecotour with daughter of William Hawrelak, former Mayor of Edmonton, Alberta. On a West Ukraine tour.

Lviv Ecotour is a small business with personal service and over 15 years of Lviv, Ukraine tourism experience. I feel a personal connection to my visitors’ passion to explore and minimize avoidable travel pitfalls, as I enjoy international travel myself.

Availability of Lviv Ecotour in 2018

In 2018 season, I will be available full time to help you in Ukraine with tours and genealogy, and as an English-speaking driver, in the months of July, August and September. If  you are a group, running a large project, or if your trip lasts over 10 days, then I am available all year. I can also suggest alternative drivers and guides in Ukraine for the time when I am not free for touring and research. I will answer your emails about your trip to Ukraine and Europe. Let me know your trip details, and we will try to figure out the best plan for you. Lviv Ecotour will return to its year-round activity in the future.

Services by Lviv Ecotour are in English

Lviv Ecotour provides a private car with driver, tours and genealogy research assistance on trips to the land of ancestors to discover your roots.

I offer transportation by car in Ukraine, Poland and Eastern Europe as a local driver, tour guide and English, Ukrainian and Polish-speaking interpreter. I run local tours to historical and natural sites in Western Ukraine and Eastern Poland. I am known as a great local tour guide, researcher, driver and interpreter. I am university educated and provide genealogy tours and research to help people reconnect to their ancestral roots.

I am Based in Lviv

Lviv Ecotour is a small operation, and I enjoy what I do. In the summer, I am based in Lviv – Lwow – Lemberg, right in the heart of Galicia, which is now in Western Ukraine, next to the eastern border of the European Union, with a new international airport connecting to other European cities.


I am Well Qualified to Assist You

As a local of Lviv, I know Ukraine and Eastern Europe, Galician towns and countryside very well. I combine several useful skills, such as a tour guide, English interpreter, family history researcher and safe driver. I have a passion for the history of my home town Lviv, Western Ukraine, Poland and Eastern Europe. I also possess essential skills of handling rough road conditions and driving safely and skilfully to avoid potholes and other road hazards of Ukrainian roads.

My Vehicle is Safe and Reliable

To accommodate your transportation needs, I offer a new, safe and reliable car for 3 or 4 passengers with a spacious trunk for luggage. The car is equipped with working seat belts, front air-bags and air conditioning. My car is non-smoking, clean and in good working condition. It has lower than average fuel consumption that results in low emission. The car that is  available for our Ukraine and Eastern Europe road trips is shown below:


General facts about Lviv Ecotour…

I Love what I Do

Lviv Ecotour loves introducing people to Western Ukraine. One of my objectives is to encourage tourists to visit the area around Lviv and the Carpathian Mountains. By doing so, you will provide income to the locals to grow tourism and preserve the Carpathian ecosystems.

You will be Safe with me in Ukraine

The vehicle that is available for the trips with Lviv Ecotour is clean and in good condition. It is fit to drive in Ukraine’s rough road conditions. I am familiar with the local roads and am a safe driver with clean driving records. While traveling with Lviv Ecotour, you will visit tourist sites and hear about the history of the area.

I have been in Business for Many Years

Lviv Ecotour has been in operation for many years. I always consider our clients as friends. Some people like to stay in touch years later, and some return to visit Ukraine again. I care about your trip to Ukraine, and try to do all I can so that you have a great experience with Lviv Ecotour. I also love hearing from you and appreciate your critical input to improve my services and create a better website.

Lviv Ecotour has Many Good References

Lviv Ecotour is proud to be referenced in the Lonely Planet guidebook as a knowledgeable tour company providing good service. A number of years ago, Lviv Ecotour was also mentioned in the Los Angeles Times by its travel correspondent Barry Zwick who felt like a great friend and was fun to travel with.

I Know Ukraine and Eastern Europe

I am genuinely interested in Eastern Europe and read literature on the subject of its history, such as books by Timothy Snyder, Shimon Redlich, Anna Reid and other works, including Everything is Illuminated, In the Sewers of Lwow, Joe’s War: My Father Decoded, and others. Lviv Ecotour also loves hearing your stories and is grateful for your personal insight into the complex history of our common land.