Discover Your Roots and Ancestry in Ukraine and Poland

Lviv Ecotour can help you reconnect to your ancestry in Western Ukraine and Eastern Poland.

I offer the following services:

visit towns of ancestors in eastern europe
Ukraine and Poland Genealogy Tours. Lviv Ecotour

I can carry out On Location Genealogical Research in your ancestral town to look for family, houses and structures, family headstones at graveyards and other places of ancestral interest in the Ukrainian or Polish part of Galicia or Volhynia, or in Bukovina.

I can help organize Genealogical Tours by transporting, accompanying and interpreting for individuals who wish to come to Ukraine to reunite with their family or carry out genealogical research on their own.

On Location Genealogical Research in your Ancestral Village in Galicia, Bukovina and Volhynia

I can offer to visit any location in Western Ukraine to conduct specific genealogical research for you.

This could include inquiring about family and relatives in Western Ukraine, exploring your old family towns to see if any particular houses, structures or landmarks still exist, or looking for family headstones at graveyards in Ukraine. I can send you up to 40 images from your places of family interest.

Lviv Ecotour can help in researching your ancestry and trying to find living relatives in your old family village or town in Ukraine.

Finding Family in Ukraine village
Exploring Ancestral Town in Western Ukraine. Lviv Ecotour

I can look for information and take present-day images from your Jewish, Polish or Ukrainian ancestral town or village in today’s Western Ukraine or South-Eastern Poland.

I can try to find your long-lost family relations in Ukraine who have been separated through emigration, wars or deportations.

I can assist in planning your visit to Lviv, Galicia, Bukovina and Volhynia – to the land of your Jewish, Polish or Ukrainian ancestors.

For more details about our genealogical research please read our Genealogy FAQ section.

Tours to Western Ukraine to Discover Family Roots and Visit Ancestral Places

I offer help to people willing to come to Ukraine to visit family, ancestral towns, or carry out genealogical research.

Lviv Ecotour can arrange to transfer and accompany an individual, a family or a small group on a genealogical tour or family reunion trip to Western Ukraine and South – Eastern Poland.

My genealogical tours provide those people who live outside of Ukraine with an opportunity to visit places where their ancestors lived, meet living relatives or look for relatives’ graves at cemeteries, speak to local people in ancestral villages in Ukraine, breath the same air and see the same sky as their relatives did years ago.

Lviv Ecotour can arrange for a professional artist to make a custom painting of a town or a specific site or object in Western Ukraine.

Old Family Village in Western Ukraine. Lviv Ecotour

I can help in developing an itinerary for a genealogical tour, or will follow your plan, to visit family in Ukraine, look for places of worship, family graves, locate family homes and other places of ancestral history in the areas of Galicia, Bukovina and Volhynia.

I provide a knowledgeable English speaking guide and driver on your tour to Ukraine to help in communication with relatives, local people and sources of family information, such as archives, local government and church priests.

The car, interpreter, guidance and assistance are included in the tour. I speak English, Ukrainian and Polish languages.

Each tour is individual and depends on your interests and location of your ancestral town. I can help with finding hotel accommodation for trips lasting over several days. The tours also offer an opportunity to visit historic sites and tourist attractions in the area.

Genealogical Research Ukraine
Rediscovering Family in Western Ukraine. Lviv Ecotour

Custom Paintings of Ancestral Towns and Sites for Sale

Lviv Ecotour can create and mail to you a hand-made professional painting of your ancestral house, village, natural object or a specific site of your choice located in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. This can be done as part of Lviv Ecotour’s Genealogy Research, or as a separate service.

The painting will be done by a professional artist who is a graduate of Lviv Academy or Arts. The artist can create the painting fully on site, or will create a sketch to be completed in a studio, or will paint from a photo. A range of painting techniques and canvas sizes are available depending on your choice. Other options, such as framing, etc. can be discussed. We also make paintings from customer’s photos, or at the time of customer’s visit to Ukraine on a Genealogical Tour. The price of a painting will be determined by the type of technique, materials, and format used, as well as the distance to the original object from Lviv and shipment method.