Hire English Speaking Driver – Guide – Interpreter and Rent Car from Lviv Ecotour

I offer a comfortable car with driver and can assist as English interpreter/ tour guide to drive in Lviv, Western Ukraine and Eastern Europe. I will provide a private car with driver to visit towns, villages and tourist destinations within driving distance from Lviv, Ukraine.

Choose from the following Car with Driver Services:

rent car with driver around Lviv
Lviv Ecotour on the Road

Reliable Car with Driver Service in Western Ukraine

Consider Lviv Ecotour as your efficient and fast transportation solution in Ukraine. I offer a reliable and friendly Car and Driver Service, Lviv based with good knowledge of Ukraine, local roads and driving conditions. The Driver-Interpreter and Driver-Tour Guide speaks fluent English, Ukrainian and Polish.

Ukraine Transport for Individuals and Small Groups

Book my Car with Driver Service for one or several days. I am happy to serve individuals, small groups of travelers and families. Arrangements to rent a vehicle can be made in advance or on a short notice.

Lviv Ecotour provides a comfortable car to accommodate your needs. My vehicle is equipped with working seat belts, front air-bags and air conditioning. The car is new, clean and in good working condition.

Driver for Ukraine and Eastern Europe

I help individuals and families who need a direct car transfer, visiting family or ancestral town in Ukraine and need transportation with knowledgeable driver who speaks English. I also provide a chauffeur driven car hire services to explore Western Ukraine at your own pace with comfort and in safety. Contact me and I will be happy to help. I can work within your time frame and budget.

Drive with Slav in Ukraine and Europe
Lviv Ecotour Provides Car with Driver


I Provide Transfers by Private Car in Lviv, Ukraine, Poland and Eastern Europe

Hire Lviv Ecotour’s private car with driver to meet you at your requested location and drive to destinations in Ukraine, Poland and Eastern Europe with comfort, safety and efficiency.

There are many advantages to using my chauffeured car service as opposed to going by taxi or renting from large rental companies, such as Hertz or Avis:

Local knowledge

I am Lviv based and know Western Ukraine, including road conditions, border crossings, safety rules, places to eat and shop.

Lower cost

consider fuel, taxes, extra time and unforeseen costs associated with renting a car from another car rental company or going by taxi. The total may be more than what I charge.

Ability to drive across the border

if you rent a car in Europe and plan to drive to Ukraine, note that none of the official car rental companies in the European Union would allow taking their rented vehicle across the border to Ukraine.


the Driver is fluent in English, Ukrainian and Polish.

Transfers and driver in Ukraine
Hired Car with Driver from Lviv Ecotour

Lviv Ecotour Takes Care of Your Transportation Needs

With Lviv Ecotour you can forget about fuel, finding your way on Ukrainian roads, border crossing formalities and police checkups. Even with a GPS and a good map, it is essential to have a driver with Ukrainian driving experience to safely drive on Ukrainian roads.

Email me Your Trip Details

Email me to discuss your pickup details, itinerary, cost, hotels and tourist attractions along the way. The driver will meet you at an agreed location and time, and can point out places of interest along the way, answer questions, explain the Ukrainian system, suggest hotels and places to eat, and help with border crossing formalities.


I Drive Across the Border to Eastern European Destinations

Hire Lviv Ecotour’s driver with car for a pickup and transfer service by private car out of Lviv to destinations in Ukraine, Poland and Eastern Europe. I drive from Lviv to Rzeszow, Krakow, Warsaw, Bratislava, Kosice, Budapest, Cluj-Napoca and many other locations. The driver can communicate in Ukrainian, Polish and English, and is familiar with the border crossing formalities.

Car van transfers between airports train stations Ukraine Poland Hungary Slovakia
Driving Cross-Border with Lviv Ecotour

Hire English Speaking Driver/ Guide in Western Ukraine

I am an experienced and friendly English speaking driver/ guide with a car for your trip in Western Ukraine. The driver/ guide combines the skills of a knowledgeable tour guide around Lviv and Western Ukraine, and a safe driver on Ukrainian roads. The guide is fluent in English, Ukrainian and Polish languages and owns the vehicle available for the tour.

Lviv Ecotour’s driver/ guide service is for people who are tired of fixed itineraries and tour guides’ monologues. By hiring our tour guide with a car, you will be able to plan your route and be in charge of what to see and how much time to spend at each tourist attraction or site of your interest.

We offer English speaking driver guide in Ukraine
Tour Guide and Driver Slav. Lviv Ecotour

I will help you personalize your tour by suggesting historic and natural sites along the route of your choice. Lviv Ecotour’s driver/ guide knows Lviv and Western Ukraine as only locals do, and will share this knowledge with you. You will be able to uncover many hidden historic treasures so abundant in Western Ukraine.

While touring with me as your driver/ guide, you will be able to change the itinerary as you go. If there is a road, there is is a way to reach your place of interest.

Lviv Ecotour Drives Safe Vehicles

The vehicle provided with the driver/ guide service is a new model sedan with the standard European safely features and is smoking free. Fuel, vehicle and driver/ guide assistance are included in the service.

Please let me know what your interests are and where you want to travel in Ukraine, and your time frame. I will help you plan your journey or will provide suggestions to your set itinerary.

I Can Help Plan Itinerary in Ukraine

The most often visited places with the driver/ guide service in Western Ukraine include ruined castles and forts, wooden churches near Lviv, Carpathian Mountains, historic rural towns and ancestral villages, old Christian and Jewish temples and cemeteries. Just think of a place in Ukraine were you would like to go. The driver/ guide will help you plan a tour and will assist on the trip.


Hire the English Driver/ Interpreter. I serve the area in Ukraine and Poland within driving distance from Lviv

I provide a knowledgeable driver/ interpreter with a car to assist you in the city of Lviv, in Western Ukraine and Poland. The driver/ interpreter is fluent in English, Ukrainian and Polish languages. If you travel to Ukraine on business, reuniting or visiting family and need a Ukrainian interpreter, searching for roots in the land of your ancestors – I am here to help. By hiring a driver/ interpreter from Lviv Ecotour, you get a comfortable car with an experienced safe driver/ interpreter to quickly and safely reach your destination in Ukraine, and a qualified English and Ukrainian interpreter in one person.

The car with fuel and interpreter’s assistance are included in the service. The vehicle is owned by the driver/ interpreter who is experienced in safe driving on Ukrainian roads and is familiar with Western Ukraine, its dialects, culture and customs. I also translate between English and Polish. I am based in Lviv but can travel to meet customers within reasonable driving distance from Lviv.

Hire car with driver in Ukraine
Lviv Ecotour’s, English Interpreter, Guide, Researcher and Driver Slav

As a driver/ interpreter who is available for most of the trips out of Lviv in Ukraine, I am a university graduate and speak fluent English comparable to a resident of Canada, USA or Britain.

Who my Driver / Interpreter Service is for?

People who used the driver/ interpreter service by Lviv Ecotour in the past include English speaking visitors reuniting with their families in Ukraine or Poland, Western journalists working on materials about Ukraine, tourists exploring Ukraine on a flexible itinerary, Western researchers at Ukrainian government institutions such as archives, etc.

Being a good driver and qualified English and Ukrainian interpreter is a rare set of skills in Ukraine. I am happy to help individuals, families and small groups. Please write to me about your transportation and language needs in Ukraine, and I will do my best to help!