Where to Stay in Lviv?

Booked a hotel in Lviv and need a tour in Western Ukraine?

Below we listed some of the Lviv hotel options. We provided links to the hotel websites for your direct access for room booking and more detailed and up to date information on hotel prices. Nowadays Lviv has a wide choice of various hotels and hostels that is far beyond the scope of our website.


Wien Hotel is across the street from the Grand Hotel on Prospekt Svobody. This is a newer hotel with relatively moderate prices considering that the quality is comparable to the Grand Hotel. Vienna Cafe restaurant is downstairs serving breakfasts and its specialty of the house, Wiener Schnitzel. If you ask for a room facing the street you would be able to see the hustle and bustle of Lviv life on the street below while sitting in a comfortable wicker chair on your room balcony. A small section of a street next to Wien Hotel is reserved as a guest car park. Click here for the Wien Hotel website.


George Hotel is located in Lviv center on Prospekt Svobody where it intersects with Prospekt Shevchenka, the second main street of Lviv. It is a little old fashioned and many things in its interior stir up memories of the past. The hotel is nonetheless pleasant and reasonably priced. A 25 Euro single room has shared WC and shower facilities in the hallway but hot water is always available. There is no car park at George hotel. Click here for the George Hotel website.


Hotel Dnister sits on top of a hill overlooking an old city park next to St. George Cathedral. Its big dining hall is often a venue for wedding parties and crowded official dinners. Dnister is not exactly in the city center but within walking distance to the University below with its new Ukrainian self service restaurant Puzata Khata. Dnister’s advantage over George Hotel is its guarded parking area near the main hotel entrance. Click here for the Dnister Hotel website.


Lion’s Castle hotel consists of two buildings located in a green area near a park some 20 minutes’ walk from the center of Lviv. The advantage of its quiet location is offset a little by the hotel’s location far from the major tourist areas of Lviv. But the hotel has its own restaurant, parking and friendly staff. Click here for the Lion’s Castle Hotel website.


Hotel Eney is almost at the end of Pekarska street where it runs into Lychakivsky Cemetery. The hotel is not in the center of Lviv, but a 20 minutes’ walk down the cobble stone Pekarska street flanked by shady horse chestnut trees will get you to the downtown. The hotel is new. Its rooms range from tiny to large suites. A car parking area is available on the hotel premises. Click here for the Eney Hotel website.

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