Tips for Traveling to Lviv from the West

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Flying to Lviv:

You can choose to fly to Lviv from a number of airports. When flying to Lviv, most people choose Warsaw, Munich and Vianna as the best airports for a layover. There are also cheap flights to Lviv operated by budget airlines, such as WizzAir. Lviv is only a one hour flight from Warsaw. The airport in Lviv is brand new, and passengers are processed without delay.

Taking a train to Lviv:

Take a direct train from Krakow to Lviv. Trains on this route run daily. Departure time from Krakow is at 9 p.m. Arrival time to Lviv is at 6 a.m.

For the return trip from Lviv to Krakow, departure time from Lviv is at 11 p.m., and arrival to Krakow is at 6 a.m.

This is a fast and reliable train service operated by the Polish railway company. Trains are clean and equipped with bunk beds for overnight travel. The train stops at the Ukrainian border for passport and customs procedures.

There is also a daily train connection between Przemysl to Lviv and Kyiv. This is a new and fast train with customs and passport formalities performed as you go to avoid any delay at the border.

Alternative train connections are from Budapest and Bratislava.

Riding a bus to Lviv:

You can take a bus to Lviv from Krakow or Warsaw. Both cities operate daily routes to Lviv. Several bus services to Lviv exist from the Polish border town of Przemysl. Traveling in a bus across the border can be a tiring experience, and is not for everyone. Buses can be delayed at the border. They move slower compared to trains.

Walking across the border to Ukraine near the Polish town of Przemysl:

Some people choose to walk across the border from Poland to Ukraine through the designated pedestrian border crossing in Medyka. Medyka is the nearest border crossing to Lviv, and is only 11 km from Przemysl. Crossing by foot is for adventurous travelers with light luggage who do not mind walking and waiting in lines.

Local Polish buses or taxis will get you from Przemysl to the border crossing in Medyka. Often there are lineups at the border that can cause a delay.  After the border passport and customs procedures you will end up on the Ukrainian side. Here, there is again an option of either a local bus or a taxi to cover the remaining 90 km to Lviv.