Planning a trip to Western Ukraine to visit Jewish ancestral places?

Tourists interested in visiting Jewish heritage sites in Ukraine are welcome to contact Lviv Ecotour. We will share our knowledge in the Jewish history of Lviv and the surround area of Galicia, Bukovina and Volhynia, and will help you in your search for other Jewish sites in Western Ukraine that have yet to be rediscovered.

This gallery shows some of the better known Jewish sites of Eastern Galicia. Many more need to be brought back from oblivion. As we go along, Lviv Ecotour will be posting here new images of the Jewish heritage sites of Western Ukraine. Often without conservation, the old Jewish temples, cemeteries and other sites of Lviv and the surrounding area of Ukraine are quickly crumbling away.

Synagogues of Galicia

Jewish Cemeteries of Galicia

Jewish Life in Galicia

Jewish Places of Worship and Synagogues of Lwow

Jewish Lwow and World War 2