What are the Carpathian Mountains near Lviv like?

Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains are the most authentic and undeveloped mountains in Europe. Many mountain dwellers in Ukraine live traditional lives of mountain farmers by raising cattle and growing vegetables on their sloped fields. In the summer months the Carpathians are full of berries and mushrooms.

Will I see much wildlife in Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains?

Wild animals are almost never visible in the daytime. A small population of bears and wolves remains in the deep forests in isolated parts of the the Carpathians to the south of Lviv near the Romanian border, and are not to be feared in the parts of the mountains visited on our tours. Poisonous snakes, such as Common European adder are also rare.

Are there any mosquitoes in the Carpathians?

Mosquitoes do not exist in the Carpathians. There is no breeding ground for mosquitoes in the mountains as water quickly runs off the slopes without forming stagnant pools. Horse-flies can be encountered  in June through August in lower mountains during daytime although not considered a problem by hikers.

Are there poisonous plants in the mountains near Lviv?

Plants to be avoided are limited only to giant hog-weed, which is a very tall and easily visible plant. It grows in some places along streams and rivers.

What do I need to know about provisions and communication on a tour?

On our driving tours to the Carpathians Mountains we stop for snacks and views at your request. Make sure you get dressed by the weather and bring your camera. Cell phone coverage is present almost everywhere in the mountains, sometimes in places seemingly far away from populated areas.

On driving and hiking tours comfortable footwear is a must, as well as sunscreen in the summer. Put in your rucksack plenty of water and energy snacks as some of the slopes are steep and require some effort. Spring water in the Carpathian Mountains is OK to drink when it comes straight from the ground, although drinking from streams and rivers is not advisable.

How is the weather in the Carpathian Mountains?

Weather is a crucial factor on our Carpathian trips. Nobody wants to travel to the Carpathian Mountains on a wet and foggy day. Enjoying views is a very important part of our Carpathian trips, and when it rains, visibility in the mountains is very limited. If you book with us ahead of time and the weather turns bad, simply let us know to cancel or change the trip for another day. June is the wettest month in the Carpathians. But it is also the most beautiful when wild flowers bloom on the mountains meadows. In the higher mountains of Chornohora snow can survive in shelters areas until late summer.

It is often windy in the Carpathian Mountains, especially on open ridges where the trails are. You need to make sure to bring windproof clothing as it can be very chilly in the wind even on a seemingly warm day. Also remember to bring several layers of clothing for overnight camping. It never gets below freezing in the Carpathians mountains in the summer, but on clear nights the air can become very crisp.

We would be happy to see you on our mountain trips, should you decide to see the mountains mostly by driving through, or get deeper into the Carpathian interior on our hiking trips.