Lviv Tour

Get to Know Lviv.., Lwow.., Lemberg…

Our guided Lviv Tour in English language includes Polish, Jewish and Ukrainia heritage sites of Lviv, the city also known as Lwow, Lvov and Lemberg. The tour lasts for about 3 hours. It combines a walking tour in the center of the old town and driving to visit the sites that are further away from the Lviv center. Given Lviv’s unique location at the crossroads of the Eastern and Western civilizations, and its thriving culture and economy before the War, Lviv is easily the most interesting tourist destination in Ukraine that is similar to Krakow in Poland.

To find out more about Lviv and its history, join us on our Lviv Tour. You will see Lviv’s many outstanding landmarks, including:

  • Polish Cathedral of Virgin Mary
  • the site of the Golden Rose Synagogue
  • Ukrainian church of St. Nicholas from the 13th century, as the oldest building in Lviv
  • old buildings around the Market Square
  • 14th century Armenian Church
  • Dominican Church
  • Gun Powder Tower
  • Lviv City Hall Tower
  • The Tour including a visit to the Lviv High Castle Hill for a bird’s eye view of the city and its suburbs.

Our standard tour is for up to 4 people. We are flexible and follow interests of the participants. For example, if your ancestors came from Lviv, or you if have an old street address, let us try to find the location of the old house. At your request we can take you to the site of the former Janowski Concentration Camp, to the locations of some of the Lviv Synagogues destroyed in the War, and to the site of the Old Jewish Cemetery. Please ask us any questions as we go. Private car and services of the English tour guide and driver are included.

More About Lviv

Lviv has recently become a tourism magnet. Travelers come here to trace their Polish, Jewish and Ukrainian genealogy and walk the historic sights of Lviv and other towns in Galicia. Hikers who visit Lviv look for a more authentic mountain hiking experience on unmarked trails in the least explored parts of the Carpathian Mountains. Remote rural parts of Western Ukraine bring to the traveler an experience of a place that transcends maps and state borders and lives its own unique life.

Lviv, located only an hour’s drive from the European Union’s border, is now accessible to tourists by air, rail and bus. After the lifting of the visa requirement for Western tourists and opening of the low-cost airline flights, Lviv has become the must see destination for travelers to Eastern Europe.

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