Things to Know about Lviv Airport:

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Gone are the days of a bumpy runway and a dingy Stalinist looking building of the old Lviv airport terminal. Instead, travelers arriving to Lviv by air are met by a brand-new glass and steel structure of the welcoming Lviv Airport.

Lviv Airport operates domestic Ukrainian and international flights. Non-stop flights from Lviv Airport serve the following international destinations:


Several daily domestic flights connect Lviv to the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv.

A complete list of flights in and out of Lviv Airport can be seen on Lviv Aurport’s official website.

Low-cost Ryanair flights to Rzeszow in Poland from London Luton Airport make it possible to fly to Rzeszow and then take a train or bus to Lviv across the border, or to arrange with Lviv Ecotour for a private driver from Rzeszow airport across the border to Lviv, or to other destinations in Ukraine.

Some low-cost flights to other European destinations are also available from Lviv and Kyiv in Ukraine.

The airport in Lviv is only 30-minute away from the downtown, depending on traffic.

In 2012 Lviv Airport was upgraded for the European Football Cup where Lviv was one of the hosting cities in Ukraine. Lviv Airport is named after Daniel of Galicia who founded Lviv and named the city after his son Leo.

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