Things to Know about Lviv Bus Stations:

Need transportation to and from bus stations in Western Ukraine?

This page is for adventurous travelers willing to figure out their way around Ukraine in a public bus. Many people in Ukraine use buses as the only available transportation for daily commute. Ukrainian public buses can be slow and crowded, and it seems that their schedule is known only to regular commuters.  From Lviv buses run in all directions serving residents of rural communities. These mid-sized, usually yellow in color vehicles with no assigned seats are known among Ukrainians as “marshrutka”.  If time is not an  issue, traveling by bus in Ukraine is a good chance to mingle with the local people and explore places off the beaten tourist track.

Lviv has one main and several smaller bus stations.

Lviv’s Main Bus Station is also known as Stryiskyi Avtovokzal. It is located at the southern edge of Lviv at 109, Stryiska Street. The Main Bus Station has regular runs of full-sized buses to a number of large Ukrainian cities and international destinations in the European Union. Several buses go daily from Lviv to Przemysl in Poland where connecting EuroLines bus routes link to many European destinations.

Lviv Bus Station #2 serves destinations to the east and north of Lviv with buses to Radekhiv, Chervonohrad, Zhovkva and Brody areas.
The bus station is located at 225, Khmelnytskovo St. in Lviv.

Lviv Bus Station #3 links Lviv to the area south of Lviv, including Pustomyty and Mykolayiv.
Bus station location is at 11, Petliury St. in Lviv.

Lviv Bus Station #5 runs routes to towns in the Lviv area to the south-east of Lviv, towards Khodoriv and Peremyshliany.
Bus station location is at 2, Luhanska St. in Lviv.

Lviv Bus Station #6 serves destinations to the east of Lviv, including Zolochiv.
Located at 154, Lychakivska St. in Lviv.

Lviv Bus Station #8 connects Lviv with the area to the west and south-west of the city, including Stryi, Sambir and Mostyska.
Location at 1, Dvirtseva Square in front of the Lviv Main Train Station.