Traveling to Ukraine and need a reliable driver – tour guide with fluent English?

Is Ukraine safe for travel? The short answer is yes, Lviv and Western, and Central Ukraine including Kyiv are safe. Travelers to Western Ukraine should follow common traveler safety rules as in other countries. Lviv Ecotour operates in Western Ukraine and Poland within driving distance of Lviv where travelers’ safety standards are comparable to other Eastern European countries.

The conflict zone at the Russian border is over 1000 km (more than 600 miles) to the east. In Western Ukraine, there are no signs of the conflict in the east. The slump of the Ukrainian currency against the Dollar and Euro is perhaps the only visible result of unrest near the Russian border.

In fact, Lviv is listed by the popular travel guide Lonely Planet among  “the 10 places you should visit in Europe in 2016”. And according to an Internet publication Businessinsider, Lviv has made it into the list of “the 100 trips everyone should take in their lifetime, according to the world’s top travel experts”. Statistically, Western Ukraine is the safest destination for tourists in Ukraine, with the Carpathian town of Kolomyya topping the list of safest towns in Ukraine.

Western Ukraine has always been safe for tourists and Lviv’s popularity as a tourist destination has grown lately to rival Krakow and other East European destinations. Many tourists can be seen in the streets of Lviv today, mostly from Eastern Europe and countries further west. Travel advisories issued by the USA and Canadian governments for Ukraine are for Crimea and east Ukrainian cities of Donets and Luhansk.