Finding Ancestors

I offer help to people willing to come to Ukraine to visit family, ancestral towns, or carry out genealogical research. I can arrange to transfer and accompany an individual, a family or a small group on a genealogical tour or family reunion trip to Ukraine and Poland

Car with Driver Service

Hire me as your English Speaking Driver, Guide or Interpreter for individuals, families and small groups. I offer a comfortable car to drive in Lviv, Ukraine and Easter Europe for transfers, visits and to see sites within driving distance from Lviv, Ukraine


My tours include visiting towns and villages, old churches, temples and scenic places near Lviv in Ukraine. As an avid hiker, I know good trails in the Carpathian Mountains. There is no fixed itinerary, and tours can be tailored to your interests in Ukraine

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Lviv Ecotour is recognized by the Lonely Planet Ukraine popular travel guidebook:

Brought to the reading public's attention by Jonathan Safran Foer's 2002 novel Everything is Illuminated, for the last two decades countless descendants of Ukrainians, Jews, Germans and Poles who left the region in the 19th and 20th centuries have been returning to Ukraine to research their family history. However, as Foer discovers, this is not always an easy task! The secret of finding records, locations and survivors is to do your research before you leave home and hire a reliable guide (especially if you don't speak the language and/or are not familiar with the culture/history/geography of Ukraine). Here we list some helpful resources, contacts and general good places to start...

GUIDES: ... Lviv Ecotour ( ... "
Lonely Planet Ukraine, 4th edition - May 2014, page 235