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Choose from a Selection of Tours in Western Ukraine with a Guide in English

Lviv Ecotour provides English Language Tours out of Lviv in Ukraine.

Lviv Countryside Tour, Lviv City Tour and Custom Tours in Lviv Area can be be enjoyed by everyone with interest in Western Ukraine.

Tours from Lviv
Tours by Lviv Ecotour

Carpathian Mountain Hiking, Cycling and Winter Tours require a certain level of physical preparedness. We also run driving trips to the scenic spots in the Ukrainian Carpathians that can be suitable for everyone.

Lviv Ecotour is happy to serve individuals, couples and families of up to four.  The choice of time and place of departure is yours. The driver – guide and vehicle are provided on the tour. Indicated tour duration includes travel time to and from the location.

The best time of year for our tours is from April to November when the daylight hours are longer and weather conditions are more favorable for staying outdoors on our tours of Western Ukraine.

Please choose a tour that is best for you: