Choose from a Selection of Tours in Western Ukraine with a Guide in English

Lviv Ecotour provides English Language Tours out of Lviv in Ukraine:

Unlike most tours offered by other travel companies,  my itinerary is flexible and the tour guide has no memorized script. Each tour is individual and can be tailored to your interest and time available. The tours can be enjoyed by everyone with an interest in Ukraine.

Tours from Lviv
Tours by Lviv Ecotour

At the start of the tour, I will pick you up at your preferred location in Lviv, such as a hotel, train station or airport. My services as your English, Ukrainian and Polish speaking tour guide and the vehicle with fuel are included in the tour.

The vehicle available for the tour out of Lviv is a new model compact car, air conditioned, with seat belts and conventional safety features. The tour guide / driver is experienced in driving safely in Ukraine.

My typical tours are for individuals and small groups of up to 4 people who have some interest in learning about Ukraine and the way of life of its people. On the course of the tour we will drive through the countryside outside Lviv to see farms, rural  towns and villages, places of worship, cemeteries and other landmarks. The guide, who is also a driver, is knowledgeable in Ukraine’s history and current affairs. The guide will gladly answer in English language any questions related to history, politics, farming, economy and other aspects of life in Ukraine.

If you choose to visit the mountains, please note that the Carpathian Mountain Walking Tours require a high level of physical preparedness. I also run driving trips to the scenic spots in the Ukrainian Carpathians that can be suitable for everyone.

On the Carpathian Walking Tours, I can provide some hiking and camping gear, which can be discussed in preparation for the trip.

Most of my tours can be organized all year round. Please email me to discuss available options with us. The best time of year to enjoy our tours is from April to November due to daylight hours and weather. I can work within your time frame and your budget.


Countryside Tour – Visit Old Churches, Synagogues, Castles, Cemeteries near Lviv

If you are in Lviv and wondering how to fill in an extra day, why not go with me on a Tour to the Ukrainian Countryside Outside of Lviv. The area around Lviv is filled with amazing things. It is one of the few places in Europe that offers the most authentic tourist experience.

Below is a driving map showing my suggested Countryside Tour itinerary.

The Tour includes a visit of wooden churches in villages near Lviv, crossing a small river on a suspension bridge, and seeing two small towns east of Lviv with old synagogues and Jewish cemeteries, among other things. On this trip you will enjoy rural scenery along the way and will get a glimpse of the Ukrainian country life. The Lviv Countryside Tour is for an individual or a small group of up to 4 people.

What you can expect to see on our Tour

Wooden churches included in this Tour represent a unique style of Ukrainian folk architecture. Built from hard oak wood, they have lasted through centuries. The fist church on the Tour is a functioning temple looking a bit too shiny topped with a golden tin roof. Another wooden church on the Tour is from 1697. It is well hidden behind country houses, barns and vegetable gardens. A narrow dirt path used mostly by chickens and farm animals runs up to the church from the village street. When the church suddenly appears behind the clutter of rural objects, the view is breathtaking. Several wooden churches in Ukraine and Poland have been added to the UNESCO World Heritage List.

The suspension bridge on the Tour straddles the river that carries the water of a large stream that flows invisibly in tunnels under the streets of Lviv. The bridge links two small communities located on the opposite banks. The bridge is a bit shaky, but the locals know to keep it from swaying by walking in quick small steps. Some people can even cross on bikes and small motorcycles!

Several Jewish cemeteries and synagogues visited on this Tour are the silent reminders of the culture that ceased to exist in Galicia after the Holocaust. An old Jewish cemetery on the outskirts of Brody is truly amazing and has the highest possible tombstones standing in long straight rows in the tall grass. The Brody synagogue is an impressive building that survived war-time bombing and decades of relentless work of the elements on the building that has been without a roof since the War.

About one hour from Lviv, you will be able to see Olesko Castle dating back to the 13th century. This is the oldest of the castles in the area. It is known as the birth place of the famous Polish king Jan III Sobieski who turned the course of the world history by defeating the Turkish army near Vienna in 1683. Olesko Castle is a museum featuring 16th and 17th century art. It is an interesting site that is rich in history and interiors composed of furniture and paintings reflecting the lifestyle of its residents from several centuries ago. If you like old paintings and furniture, and plan to visit the castle museum, note that the castle is closed for visitors on Mondays. There is a fee to enter the museum, which can be paid at the castle gate. Olesko Castle also has a restaurant and a WC.

Brody is one of the towns near Lviv that can be visited on this Tour. At one point in time, Brody was a thriving Jewish community at the eastern border of the Austrian Empire. It is the birth place of Joseph Roth who wrote the novel Radetzky March. Sigmund Freud’s mother, Amalia Nathansohn Freud, was also born in Brody in 1835. The town features a Market Square, remnants of an old fort and a number of century-old buildings as evidence of the town’s once prosperous past.

The total duration of the tour is about 8 hours.


Custom Tours – Tours Tailored to your Interests in Western Ukraine

Planning a trip to Lviv, Lwow, Lemberg or anywhere in Western Ukraine and are looking for an English tour guide who can present Western Ukraine in your language as only a true local Lviv tour guide can? My Chauffeur-Driven Custom Tours are for you.

Below is a map showing a sample of our suggested Custom Tour itinerary for the duration of 4 days. I can develop similar tours based on your time frame and interest in Ukraine.

My Private Customized Tours show you the area in and around Lviv like no one else. What is your interest area in Western Ukraine? Let me know and I will make suggestions for the Tour that will best fit your needs.

As a local of Galicia with a passion for the natural beauty and history of Western Ukraine, I know just which places are the most interesting for you. The Custom Tours are for individuals, couples, families, small groups up to 4 people. I have no scripted speeches or monologues. Custom Tours are for people with a special interest in certain aspects of Galician history. I will focus on your interests and preferences. The Custom Tours will highlight your focus area in Lviv and in the rural countryside around Western Ukraine.

Whether you are seeking a trip to your ancestral area to reconnect to your roots, a day trip to the Carpathians near Lviv, off the beaten path in the rural countryside, or focus on a specific location or town, I will try to provide exactly what you are looking for.


Carpathian Tours – Guided Mountain Hikes for Individuals or Small Groups

I offer guided walking tours in the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains, including day trips and hiking over several days in the areas of the mountains called Beskydy, Horhany and Chornohora.

The nearest hiking trails in the Carpathians can be reached from Lviv in about two hours. Driving further into the mountains opens more hiking options. The mountain walks can be tailored to a person’s interest in the mountains and overall fitness. Generally a high level of fitness is requires for the Carpathian Walking Tours.

For those not keen on hiking, I offer trips to ride the year-round ski lifts to enjoy views without walking up the slopes. Or go on a trip to visit Carpathian water falls. The trip to mountain stream waterfalls takes about three hours of driving each way.

Trips to the higher parts of the Carpathians in Chornohora and Horhany are usually planned as two or three-day summer excursions.

Lviv Ecotour is happy to serve individuals, couples and families of up to four people. The choice of time and place of departure is yours. The driver – guide and vehicle with fuel are provided on the tour.

The best season for our Carpathian Walking Trips is from June to mid-October due to snow conditions in the mountains, weather and daylight in Ukraine.

Accommodations for walks lasting more than a day will be available in tents or shelters on mountain meadows, in rural home-stays, at mountain hostels or hotels. On the hiking trips participants are expected to carry their backpacks and provisions.

The English-speaking guide / driver will accompany you on the walking tour pointing out places of interest and helping in orientation. Tents, sleeping bags, mats and backpack can be provided for overnight stays in the mountains. Please discuss with me regarding gear rent options and fees.

Choose from a variety of exciting tours to the Ukrainian Carpathian Mountains from the list below, ranging from one to several days. One-day hikes and walks of 2 to 3 and more days can be arranged.

Carpathian hiking in Beskydy to Mount Vysokyi Verkh

Hike duration: 4 hours round trip
Driving from Lviv to start of trail: 2.5 hours
Difficulty: Moderate
Total distance: 11.5 km
Total climb: 628 m
Top elevation: approx. 1245 m (4084 feet).

A good one-day hiking track from Lviv. Most of the trail leads through open areas with good views of the surrounding mountains and lower-lying villages. Near the top, the trail passes a natural spring. Vysokyi Verkh is near the skiing slopes of Slavsko and Volosianka. New ski lifts exist on Mountain Zvorets, which is the summit connected to Vysoky Verkh by a trail. The summit can also be reached by a ski-lift, which is normally open all year round.

Carpathian hiking in Beskydy to Mount Parashka

Hike duration: 6 hours round trip
Driving from Lviv to start of trail: 2.5 hours
Difficulty: Moderate to challenging
Total distance: 13.5 km
Total climb: 722 m
Top elevation: 1268 m (4160 feet).

A very good one-day hiking trek from Lviv. Two thirds of the trail goes through the forest with steep climbs. The final part is on the open ridge and is more level. Parashka is in the Skole Beskydy National Park. Its proximity to Lviv makes Parashka a popular trail among hikers. It is also one of the highest peaks of the Beskydy range. Parashka can be combined with the Vysoky Verkh trail for a 2-day trip in  the mountains.

Carpathian hiking in Chornohora to Mount Pip Ivan via Hoverla

Hike duration: 2 days
Driving from Lviv to start of trail: 5 hours
Difficulty: Very challenging
Total distance: 31.5 km
Total climb: 1719 m
Average ridge elevation: 2000 m (6562 feet).

Chornohora is one of the most beautiful areas in the Carpathian Mountains of Ukraine. On a clear day, views from the Chornohora ridge are breathtaking. After a very steep climb, the trail along the Chornohora ridge is almost level and follows through vast open spaces from Hoverla to Pip Ivan, passing high altitude lakes Nesamovyte and Brebeneskul. Pip Ivan Mountain is the site of a ruined Polish observatory situated at the former Polish-Czechoslovakian border. On a mountain farm at the foot of Pip Ivan, hikers can taste and buy traditional Hutsul cheese called brynza. The tour includes one night in tents on the ridge, and one night in a Hutsul village cottage. Hikers are expected to carry their provisions and gear.

Carpathian hiking in Chornohora to Hoverla, the highest Mountain of Ukraine

Hike duration: 7.5 hours round trip
Driving from Lviv to start of trail: 5 hours
Difficulty: Challenging
Total distance: 16.5 km
Total climb: 1184 m
Top elevation: 2060 m (6759 feet).

Very steep slopes of Hoverla are challenging, but attract thousands of amateur hikers each year. The trek offered here starts in Kozmeschyk to follow a more scenic trail compared to a  traditional ascent from Zarosliak. Hoverla is the highest peak in the Ukrainian Carpathians and a very popular hiking destination. From the base, the trail steeply rises first through the forest and then on to the alpine meadows above 1400 m.  Due to the intensity of the Hoverla hike and a long driving distance from Lviv, I recommend it as a 2-day trip.

Carpathian hiking in Chornohora to Mount Petros

Hike duration: 1.5 days round trip
Driving from Lviv to start of trail: 5 hours
Difficulty: Challenging
Total distance: 31 km
Total climb: 1529 m
Top Elevation: 2020 m (6627 feet).

Mount Petros is one of the highest summits of Chornohora next to Hoverla. The trail goes thorough the mixture of forests and meadows and crosses a high-altitude traditional dairy farm on a meadow that can serve as a good camping ground. Sheep can often be seen grazing on the slopes of Petros. As a pastime, shepherds occasionally play a wind musical instrument called sopilka. Its gentle tunes can sometimes be heard around the Chornohora range.

Carpathian hiking in Horhany To Mount Vysoka

Duration: 6 hours round trip
Driving from Lviv to start of trail: 4.5 hours
Difficulty: Moderate
Total distance: 21 km
Vertical Rise: 1126 m
Top elevation: 1804 m (5919 feet).

Horhany is the remotest and least touched by human activity part of the Carpathian Mountains of Ukraine.  Most of the trail near the top of Vysoka Mountain is on scree slopes. From the start the trek is on a dirt road, followed by a zigzagging steep trail. The middle part is more level. And the final part before the summit is over large stones. Vysoka can be combined with other trails in Horhany for a 2 or 3-day tour.